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A Family Day at the Thanksgiving Parade

November 9, 2018
Little blond girl watches a parade go by

ROSS’ Silver Spring apartments put you in the heart of downtown, and you should take full advantage.

One of the greatest advantage of ROSS’ Silver Spring apartments is their proximity to downtown Silver Spring. They are in a highly walkable neighborhood with access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural events. This November, that cultural event is the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s a time-honored tradition of more than twenty years, and it has a lot to offer. Read on to find out what to expect and how to best enjoy the festivities!

Why You (and the Whole Family) Should Go

The Silver Spring Thanksgiving Day Parade is actually the only one in the DMV. So people come from all over the region to see the display. As a resident in the neighborhood, you’ve got an automatic head start on parade day. No need to get up early and drive across town. Instead, sleep in, get you and your kids dressed in some festive clothes, pack some snacks and hats, and walk right out to the parade route!

What to Expect

If you’ve never been to this event, you might be shocked by how impressive it is. It isn’t the Macy’s Parade in NYC, but it’s surprisingly close. One hundred different groups will flood the streets of Silver Spring that day, including marching bands, fire engines, themed floats, 12-foot inflatables, performing dogs, motorcycle crews, horse-mounted police, and beauty queens. Is there anything they don’t have?

Take a Picture and Make a Memory

In addition to the parade itself, the full-size, outdoor skating rink will be open! Grab a pair of skates and show your kids how you tear it up. Or, step over to Veteran’s Plaza, where there will be a whole setup dedicated to getting the perfect photo. You can pose with inflatable turkeys and penguins, Frozen’s Elsa, or Christmas and Hanukah decorations.

Worth Waiting For

If you take a pic, tag it with #MoCoThanksParade, and stick around, you’ll eventually see your selfie up on the big screen. The jumbotron at Ellsworth and Fenton will create a livestream of parade photos! And, like every year, the parade will end with Santa’s float. Enjoy holiday music while “smiling, rosy-cheeked elves” toss candy canes into the crowd.

Once you’ve made a memory or two, and collected all your loot, you can head right back to your Silver Spring apartments. Or, you can stick around a grab a late lunch at a phenomenal dining establishment. Just one of the many pros of living with ROSS. Tour one of our Silver Spring apartments today.