ROSS Companies 5 Places Near Your College Park Apartment to Get Work Done
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5 Places Near Your College Park Apartment to Get Work Done

April 8, 2019

Whether you’re finishing that big project or studying for an exam, these spots near your College Park apartment offer a great atmosphere to be productive.


1. Vigilante Coffee

Known for their Instagram worthy lattes and treats, Vigilante Coffee is one of the newer hot spots in College Park. Located right on Route 1, it’s a convenient place to spend a few hours. The inside of Vigilante Coffee offers a modern spin on your usual neighborhood coffee shop. There is a mix of small and big tables, so whether you want to go alone or with a group, there’ll be a spot for you. The ambience will bring you there and the great coffee will keep you going.


2. Starbucks in College Park Shopping Center

The Starbucks in the College Park Shopping Center is one of the most popular places to go to get work done. The allure of Starbucks coffee and the amount of seating will keep you coming back. Plus, this Starbucks stays open late during finals season, giving you those extra few hours to cram.


3. Bagels N’ Grinds

There’s not much better on a Sunday morning than a hot bagel and coffee. The best bagels in College Park are arguably from Bagels ‘N’ Grinds, located in the the Hotel at the University of Maryland. There’s plenty of seating and on a Sunday afternoon, you’re sure to see at least a few college students on their laptops. Fuel yourself with a bagel, take a seat, and get grinding.


4. Dunkin Donuts

Yet another coffee shop in College Park is the Dunkin Donuts next to Terrapin Row. This Dunkin Donuts offers less seating than the previous options, but also tends to be less busy. In addition, there are a few tables outside for when it’s nice out.


5. Board and Brew

Board and Brew is a unique local hangout and restaurant offering great food, espresso, and craft beer. Take a study break with friends and play one of the 500 board games that they offer.


Get out of your College Park apartment and head to one of these local establishments for a productive ambience, great food, and strong coffee to keep you going.