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5 Easy and Affordable Thanksgiving Side Dishes

November 9, 2018
Homemade Organic Thanksgiving Stuffing with Sage Herbs

Bring a new recipe into your affordable apartment this holiday season.

Your ROSS affordable apartment comes with a well-equipped kitchen, so you can make all your favorites. This Thanksgiving, add some new, easy, and budget-friendly recipes to your line up! There are roasted and fresh vegetables, fluffy carbs, and a delicious sweet potato twist. Read on to learn more…

Iceberg Wedge with Cranberry Vinaigrette

If you’re looking for a new take on the traditional cranberry sauce that’s a little more… delectable, this recipe is for you. Iceberg lettuce doesn’t have the best reputation, but with a little sprucing up, it can stand up to your other delicious sides. Plus, it’s a pretty inexpensive ingredient. A cranberry vinaigrette will keep things festive. A dash of blue cheese will add some tang. And bacon, of course, never hurts.

Bacon-Baked Brussels Sprouts

Another dish that’s seriously improved by a sprinkle of bacon bits, oven-baked Brussels sprouts are a great chance to prove that it’s not the type of vegetable, but how you cook it. This is a great prepare-and-forget-it dish. With a long baking time and little preparation, you can slide these Brussels sprouts into the oven and focus on some of the bigger items in the meantime.

Whole Baked Sweet Potatoes

Consider your usual hour-long, cut-a-million-pieces mashed sweet potatoes with all the toppings. Might it be time to swap this for a simpler version? Avoid a ton of prep and keep things trim with another oven-baked dish. Leave your sweet potatoes whole and bake them for a little under an hour. When you cut them open, they’ll be steaming and deliciously tender. Another advantage of this side dish is that it allows guests to customize. Some like it sweet, some like it savory. There’s no longer need to fear the ‘Would you like some sweet potatoes with that butter?’ family member.

Southern-Style Green Beans

This style of green bean is meant to be supple, perfectly melt in your mouth, and have the perfect balance of salt, fat, and flavor. Unfortunately, it can often degrade into a soup of green. This year, make a change for the better by using the following tips. First, start with a cast iron skillet. It retains heat better, cooking green beans more evenly. Second, add some bell peppers and minced onion to create a deeper flavor. And third, use the turkey toss-aways to make a homemade, hyper-flavorful stock! Pour this over your beans and simmer for 20-30 minutes for the best results.

Parker House Rolls

These fluffy buns have long been a Thanksgiving accompaniment. Luckily, they’re also made of very affordable and common household ingredients. Less work than bread, more delicate that croissants, and more flavorful than biscuits. What more could you ask? To turn this side dish into a sweet treat, add cinnamon and glaze with sugar icing.

The best part about Thanksgiving is preparing food with your family and friends. Join your favorite people in the kitchen of your affordable apartment and prepare one of these new dishes this year! Take a tour today and see how switch to a ROSS affordable apartment can make more room for the people you love.