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3 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

December 31, 2018
Wooden office desk with items surrounding a "New Year's Resolutions" note pad. Group of objects includes: note pad, pen, fasteners, cup of coffee and cell phone. No people.

Use these three strategies to reach new heights in your military apartment this year.

Your military apartment will be a haven of good choices this January. With just three key strategies, you can motivate yourself and others, build a support system, and make reaching your goals easy as pie… or not eating pie.

Make It a Game

This strategy is especially effective if you’re competitive (doesn’t winning feel great?) or you’re making a change with your kids. Make daily exercise something the family can look forward to by assigning points values to different activities and tallying weekly totals to discover the winner! If you’re trying to lose weight, create a betting pool at work and see who can lose the most in the office. You’d be shocked how motivating stickers, funny hats, and “Winner of the Week” certificates can be, even for adults!

Find a Buddy  

Choose an accountability buddy who’s on the same journey as you, or work with your spouse to mutually support each other’s goals. Just having one other person with whom you can discuss a resolution increases your chances of success by no less than 50 percent. Join a group that follows a plan together and talks about related struggles for even better results.

Don’t Rely on Willpower  

Service members are no stranger to discipline, but making big changes requires more than making your bed every morning and sticking to a schedule. Make the transition between how you are and how you want to be easier by changing your environment. Trying to eat less junk? Shop when you’re full and keep snack foods out of your house. Want to become more productive at work? Use an application to block websites that often distract you.

Can you picture your military apartment filled with fresh fruits and veggies? Weekly meetings with your partner in self-improvement? Taking on gamified good habits with your family? If so, you might be ready to take the plunge on your New Year’s resolution! For another positive change in 2019, consider upgrading to ROSS. Take a tour today and see what we have to offer.